Everyday bliss with work, feast and fish

Fleksi's perhaps most loyal and well-liked employee is named Koziebrodzki Andrzej. He comes from Ruda Slaska Katowice and claims he has fished up a 160 cm Long (Molva molva).

Like so many other Polish, he likes to fish. Often from boat and usually at Åmøy. Of such hobbies comes good stories.

– There's a party every time we fish, Andrzej laughs. – We are often many people gathered. It is very sociable and friendly - and it's a thrill to engage in fishing. Occasionally there is big catch too. I remember the time I caught a massive Long. It was around 160 cm and a real struggle to get up. I think we got at least 30-40 kg meat out of that fish, recalls Andrzej and shows the quantity with his hands.

Andrzej came to Norway in 2006. He got his eyes up for Norway after a conversation at a wedding. He was recommended Norway and Fleksi Bemanning. After 21 years of experience as a locksmith, he then went to Norway to seek luck. Now he has been here for 9 years and works for Faber Bygg as a construction worker.

– I remember well the my first day in Norway, when we came ashore from the ferry. It was dark and cold. I could not speak the language and did not know anyone. It was a bit of a shock! Andrzej laughs.
– Now it's completely different. I still can't speak Norwegian, but I enjoy Norway! Life here is much less stressful than in Poland. Here, everyday life is easier.

Andrzej lives with his wife, Sylwia, in an apartment in Hundvåg.

– Sylwia jobs in Municipality of Stavanger and speaks much better Norwegian, Andrzej smiles.
– The only thing we miss from Poland, is our family and especially our son, he adds.

Their son, Daniel (18), is still in Poland, staying with grandparents. He often visit Norway and likes it. Daniel might want to work in Norway eventually as well.

– It would have been wonderful to get Daniel here, says Andrzej.

Andrzej is a smiling, funny guy and often ends up as the centerpiece at any party. He is the kind of person everyone likes immediately. He has many Norwegian friends in addition to Polish.

– I will gladly recommend Fleksi Bemanning to others. They are very helpful and you are being heard. We have a good cohesion with respect for each other. My workday could not be any better, says Andrzej, before continuing his daily chores.